Perrine Rousseau
Perrine Rousseau - Portrait

Studying at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris enabled Perrine Rousseau to develop her own vision for textiles and her traditional yet resolutely contemporary approach to weaving.

Established in 2006, Perrine Rousseau’s brand and work illustrate her passion for artistic creativity, traditional craftsmanship, and nature. Her creations convey a personal viewpoint on the art of weaving.

The intuitiveness of our hands and the art of movement are the characteristics that Perrine Rousseau searches to express in her creations. Her work is delicate, sophisticated, dense and raw, and made with natural and noble materials.

Perrine Rousseau has created a brand emphasizing human, ethical and ecological values; a brand that embodies simple and eternal principles; a brand that respects and upholds the transition between Man and the Earth, between the source of an intrinsic movement and today’s work of art.

The Design / Creation Studio

In The 20th District In Paris
Perrine Rousseau - The Design / Creation Studio

‘Joining an intrinsic movement and work of art’

The Design / Creation Studio

‘There is a visible link between a painter’s canvas and a weaver’s weft’


Perrine Rousseau set up her design studio in 20th district in Paris.
On traditional pedal looms, Perrine Rousseau works and intersects the threads to create unique textile works of art founded on unexpected contrasts, audacious transparencies, rare colours, subtle plays on light…



Her work is meant to be seen, touched, and… heard. The sound of the looms, the whispers of the shuttles, the rustle of her fabrics lend a captivating and magical air to Perrine Rousseau’s studio.



Production Facilities

Perrine Rousseau - Production Facilities

Perrine Rousseau has set up her production studios in India and Nepal. She works with the best textile artisans who have a traditional savoir-faire, and who deliver excellent work using ancient techniques to create contemporary fabrics and rugs.
Every day, these artisan’s hands create an admirable body of work, both bold and sensitive, based on irreplaceable expertise intrinsic to their craftsmanship.
Each creation is the result of a collaboration between Perrine Rousseau and the artisans. This mutual enrichment enables the brand to offer such exceptional collections.

Our Clients

Architects and Decorators
are Perrine Rousseau’s privileged partners. She creates bespoke orders with colours, sizes and materials specific to their projects and needs.

Luxury fashion houses
regularly collaborate with Perrine Rousseau for their fashion collections and for the decoration of their luxury boutiques.